TUF® and Milani® Brands Are Now Foothill Farms®

Foothill Farms® began transitioning TUF® and Milani® brands into one foodservice mega brand.  The consolidation process began last December and will continue throughout 2014 until all TUF® and Milani® branded products are sold and replaced with the newly packaged Foothill Farms® product line. The formulas, tastes, UPCs, manufacturing codes, quality and the ordering process remain unchanged, only the packaging and brand names’ transitioned.

“Cases are marked with a bright orange sticker on the top of the box that features a QR code and a link that will take customers to an information site,” stated Jamie Collins, Director of Marketing, Kent Precision Foods Group.  “All case and product packaging featuring Milani® and TUF® brand names will change to Foothill Farms® on various schedules depending on their production date.”

Foothill Farms® customers can expect expansion within the current product categories, bringing more operator-centric solutions to the foodservice industry.  To learn more about this brand change transition, customers can visit foothillfarms.com/transition or contact their Kent Precision Foods Group sales representative at 800-442-5242. Check out our YouTube video discussing the transition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhIj7xMkUxg.

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